Something Real Aussie men like!

Watching TV is the great Australian past time, men of many ages love to sit back with their favourite bevvy and watch the tube.

After all, a hard days work deserves a …um no that’s no right let’s try it again…we happy little…nope still don’t got it quite yet.

*puts beer down*

Aussie blokes love the idiot box and we love watching great shows like Breaking Bad for example…but and a big Beyonce but it is


Our TV stations in their great wisdom have decided not to let us watch these TV shows.

Now you’d think a convict nation like our would be straight onto bit torrent to download the crap out of it BUT unknown to our worldly counterparts, the average Aussie is quite honest and like to do the right thing… what’s an Aussie bloke to do, if he wants to watch the best yank TV show goin’ round?

I give you Netflix Australia, the perfect legitimate way to watch Netflix in Australia!